Monday, December 10, 2012

US Research trip part 6: out and about in DC

As a US citizen it's pretty inspiring to walk around Washington DC and see all of these famous buildings and monuments in our nation's capitol. Unfortunately, while I did eat at this great diner across the street from Ford's Theater (where Lincoln was assassinated) I forgot to take some pictures. I also didn't get a chance to visit the house where The Exorcist was filmed, right in Georgetown. Either way, I saw plenty of other great stuff.

The white house! Being two weeks before the election, I was sincerely hoping that Obama would not have to move out soon.

Outside the White House. Maybe he was a Romney voter?

Looking down Pennsylvania Ave. towards the U.S. Capitol building.

The south lawn of the White House. Just to the left of this photo is Michelle's vegetable garden.

A look down Constitution Avenue from near the Washington Monument; the Department of Justice and IRS are based in these red-roofed buildings.

America! Flags next to the Washington Monument.

View west from the Washington Monument past the World War II monument and reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial.

Monument to Ulysses S. Grant, just west of the capitol building.

East side of the U.S. capitol building.

The national archives - they had an exhibit on the cuban missile crisis which I did not have time to visit. This is pretty close to the USNM, and I walked past this neat building every day to the metro station.

There was only one example of graffiti on the World War II memorial. This was a common graffiti cartoon that was done in Europe by GI's in random places. This example was intentionally engraved onto the WWII memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial - 8 hours before Hurricane Sandy made landfall.

The statue of Lincoln in the memorial.

The elegantly simple Vietnam memorial wall.

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