Saturday, May 16, 2009

The coastal paleontologist is taking a 'break'...

My plan for the start of summer was originally to leave MT a week from today, and take a five day drive through the Pacific Northwest, and check out several fossil localities I'm currently investigating, and eventually meet my folks up in Tahoe before finally making it back to the SF area for summer (and master's thesis fieldwork).

To make a long story short, I got a phone call from my dept. head, and now I'm TA'ing our Geology Field Camp summer course. It's way awesome on several levels - 1), I finally have a job; 2) its an honor, knowing how much more qualified many of the other candidates are; 3) the same professors who taught the course when I took it are doing it again, which is great; and 4) It was a freaking blast when I took field camp, and had to turn in assignments. Instead, this time around I don't have any assignments to turn in, and have to help students toward the answer (which... I end up doing for free during the school year anyway). And I get to camp and drink beer around a fire and hike all day in the foothills of the Northern Rockies for a month (and in Yellowstone N.P.). Sounds like the perfect job for me!

In any event, now that I have a job 'till the end of June that entails being away from civilization for a week at a time (Awesome!), I won't have internet access. In any event... all of you should be out doing fieldwork by now (that is, if you truly deserve to be reading this!). Bottom line is, there probably won't be many posts in the next month, although if there are, they will probably be from field camp. I still have to post the rest of the pictures of the acid prep 'experiment'.

So get out there and measure some sections, and dig up something up!

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