Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Break field photos, plus another quiz

View towards Seacliff State Beach and Aptos, CA.

I've finally gotten around to posting some field photographs from winter break. I didn't get out as much as I did last winter, but that didn't stop me finding a nice (and complete, mind you) odontocete skull, a partial Herpetocetus jaw, and several fur seal (Thalassoleon cf. T. macnallyae) bones, as well as a monstrous walrus astragalus.

First are some photos which constitute a quiz, selected from winter break photos.
1). Here's an articulated baleen whale vertebral column. Which way is the head? (No guessing [e.g. that means you, Sarah]. I realize its a 50/50 chance if you guess. State a reason for your answer)

2). A fossil I didn't collect (but may jacket this summer if I get really bored, and if it is still there). What is this thing?3). What the hell is this? This specimen can be identified to the genus, FYI. Morgan and Rachel can only answer this if they get the genus correct = P

OK, now for other photos. Enjoy!A small odontocete vertebra in a shellbed. This guy did not want to be collected.A huge mysticete vertebra (to right of hammer) exposed in the bottom of a shelly channel-like structure.Another small odontocete vertebra. I did collect this specimen, and after preparation, it had a bunch of clayey fecal pellets (of probable crustacean origin) adhering to it.A large mysticete cranium, most likely a balaenopterid.A sleeping california sea lion (?) pup.
Some surfer dude.Sunset at Capitola! It was hard to leave, as the tide was just going out.


Neil said...

Is 2 a Carcharocles tooth? Random guess.

I really like the pup shot, I don't think I'd ever appreciated the allometry of juvenile pinniped limbs before...not surprising really, but net!

Neil said...

"neat", I mean of course.

nationalpallets said...

I like the sunset picture, it's really beautiful!

Boesse said...

Thanks for the comments; picture 2 is not a Carcharocles tooth, sorry!

Any other takers?

Neil said...

Duh. Maybe I should have looked at the full sized photo first, I only noticed the bottom 1/4 of the fossil. Unfortunately, I don't have any better guesses.