Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Otago Peninsula preview

Two weekends ago my labmate Cheng-Hsiu Tsai (nickname Tsai) lent us his car for a day so that I could drive Sarah, visiting EAPSI student (and coauthor) Morgan Churchill, and new labmate Josh Corrie out to the Otago Peninsula. Sarah and I don't have a car here, and can't really afford to rent one. So this was a great opportunity, and we saw a lot of great stuff out there (sadly, no penguins though). On the way back, I took a large panorama from the peninsula looking back west along the Otago Harbor:

(Click for mega-size)

The mountain on the right is Mt. Cargill, and the bright white light left of center is the Forsyth stadium; the black patch to the right of it is Signal Hill, with the lights of Ravenbourne below. Dunedin is obvious all the way to the left, and on the right extreme is Port Chalmers.

More photos are coming soon!

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Bewildermunster said...

Wow such a stunning view! Glad you had the opportunity to share :)