Thursday, July 18, 2013

The best wedding gift ever

Back in 2011 my wife and I got married up at Lake Tahoe in California - being paleontologists, we generally have stranger tastes than most folks. Previous birthday presents from my wife Sarah have included skulls of racoons, badgers, and river otters, rock hammers, clam knives, field bags, and others. Sarah's first rock hammer was a birthday gift from me, and I've given her similar presents since. For the purposes of a wedding present, however, she would have been pretty disappointed if I had gotten anything other than something expensive in a tiny box - but she decided to have a little more fun and be a bit more unorthodox about her wedding present for me.

It arrived a few days before the wedding, in a large (and heavy) box. She had been boasting about how awesome the present was, and I suspected it was a skull of some sort.

 Awesome. My favorite animal.

Also, if I had a spirit animal, this would probably be it. She was initially disappointed when she found out it wasn't a complete skull - but to be honest, I'm happier with this as when I get my first office in the US, it will look totally awesome on a wall. Edit: this is a Bone Clones cast.

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