Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paleo research on the University of Otago homepage

Hello all,

Now that the Oregon road trip has been sufficiently covered I can get back to covering recent events. About a week or two ago I got a new paper published in the journal Naturwissenschaften, regarding a surprisingly late occurring record of the archaic baleen whale Herpetocetus. I don't enough time to talk about it now, but the press release made it onto the University homepage, which was a pleasant surprise.

In addition to the new paper, three other cetacean related stories had been posted up on the homepage as well. Go ahead and check them out. Here's the official press release on the University website (although the entire OU website is offline, at the moment).

Boessenecker, R.W. 2013. Pleistocene survival of an archaic dwarf baleen whale (Mysticeti: Cetotheriidae). Naturwissenschaften 100:4:365-371. Link to article on

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