Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guest post featured on the UCMP Blog

Recently Mark Goodwin at UCMP (University of California Musuem of Paleontology) at Berkeley (aka Bezerkeley) invited me to write up a short post for the UCMP Blog detailing my undergraduate field research. After five years of preparation, the material is finally ready for curation. Actually, most of the material was prepared several years ago, and the one remaining specimen was the balaenopterid cranium that took ~5 years to prepare.

Anyway, you can read the post here on the UCMP blog.

I apologize for being relatively unproductive on here recently; I've been pretty busy since the end of the semester, trying to get preparation projects wrapped up, and sleeping in, now that I can. Soon I'll do some posts about a new Herpetocetus skull I've been preparing for the last couple months - in fact, I'll have it completely finished on Monday, and boy is it pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that you can, too, catch up on some drinking. ;)