Thursday, June 25, 2009

Field Camp, Part 3

I'm not going to explain much here, other than these parts of the course were for tectonic geomorphology and metamorphic field mapping. Again, this is all in southwestern Montana.Well, go figure. Geology Field Camp may be scheduled for May and June, except that in Southwest Montana, it is still "early spring". So, we had to cancel our field work that day.

Finally, nice weather! This is actually the day before the photo in the snow was taken. Here we are looking at a beautifully crossbedded tuffaceous channel complex within the Anderson Ranch Member of the Mio-Pliocene Sixmile Creek Formation.

Closeup of the crossbedding.

Some geology students attempting to cross a barb-wire fence crossing over the creek, which was overflowing a bit.

Geology students looking at Proterozoic metamorphic rocks in the lower Madison Valley, near Ennis, Montana. The beautiful Madison range is in the background.

Students taking strike and dips off of foliation within Proterozoic phyllite.

The magnificent Madison Range.

Some more of that phyllite.

Students during the final project, at Frying Pan Gulch, marching off into bad weather.

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ReBecca Foster said...

Cool! I worked Frying Pan Gulch when I went to field camp also!