Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Awesome fieldwork picture

Here is a gratuitous field photo I took three years ago; my friend Tim is about 25 feet above the beach or so. I just thought I should post this, as it is a rather awesome picture. I also used a small sliver of this picture for my personal webpage.

Don't worry, If I recruit you for a day trip in my field area, I won't put you through this. He went up there on his own. Maybe I'll post more on scary-ass fossil localities in the future. All these ideas!


Silver Fox said...

I'm just wondering how he got down!

Robert Boessenecker said...

That is actually an interesting story. He had a much easier time than I did getting down - it was not a very safe locality by any means, although we did find a walrus bone there.

On the way to the spot where Tim is standing, there is a 6-8" wide ledge you can walk along, with an overhanging 18' drop to the beach - as I walked this part, big pieces of rock were starting to fall to the beach, basically 'erasing' the ledge. It was not the smartest thing I've ever done.

Silver Fox said...

I know the classic answer is - he got down the same way he got up. That usually means that you have to back down, which sometimes means it's good to have a spotter below telling you where to put your feet! (A little to the right...)