Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Tragic Tale Of Nate Murphy, Or How Not To Do Field Paleontology

There is an excellent series of articles on Nate Murphy in the Billings Gazette. Here are the links:
Nate Murphy with the hadrosaur specimen "Roberta" (Brachylophosaurus canadensis)

Murphy's tale is tragic, his downfall fueled by ambition, greed, lies, and theft. He is waiting for sentencing, and faces 5 years in jail. He lied to nearly everyone involved except his own son; lied to landowners, volunteers, coworkers, paleontologists, and the authorities.


Anonymous said...

Nate Murphy continues to do bad science. In March of 2013, the Dino Lab in Billings, MT was the site of a little Homeland Security sting operation. They had been tipped off he had Chinese/Mongolian fossils. They found two. They were confiscated. It seemed a repeat of his previous offense was forthcoming. This time he paid for a better attorney (well, he has yet to pay. They threatened harrasment and Homeland backed off. He has yet to pay his original attorney, because the case was lost. Such a lovely man. Only half of what he says is truthful.

Anonymous said...

My son and I found the fossil Roberta in 2001 with Nate Murphy on his expedition. He promised my eleven-year-old son a cast of the head of this duckbill dinosaur. That was 16 years ago, haven't received the cast.